Thompson Hotels

New branding. New branding systems.

Thompson Hotels


Thompson Hotels, a member of the Commune Hotel & Resorts portfolio, are a collection of luxury hotels with a refined edge, designed for the sophisticated and authentic traveler to celebrate the individuality of the guests and of each locale. Thompson Hotels enlisted Tank to develop a streamlined brand system to be applied across hotel properties to ensure a consistent, yet unique and superior, brand experience.


Tank refreshed the visual identity to streamline the brand system, producing a thorough brand standard that all properties—existing and new—could leverage. We developed brand guidelines that outline the new logo, custom-developed typeface, color palette, each property logo, patterns/textures and photography, and then applied this language across various sales, stationary and guest experience deliverables.


Leveraging the new brand elements, Tank updated property specific sales material, stationary and guest experience materials to better appeal to the sophisticated and authentic traveler. 


Tank also showed how the updated and sophisticated brand identity would be applied to the Thompson Hotels website, using Thompson Hotels’ Upper Stories blog as a sample application.

Smyth Identity

As an extension of the Thompson Hotels work, Tank partnered with Thompson to push the existing brand work even further to apply to white label hotels, like Smyth.


All-around success. Since the initial engagement, Tank has supported the Thompson Hotels brand in a larger capacity with the Smyth hotel logo redesign, Upper Stories logo redesign (Thompson Hotels blog), Thompson Miami Beach logo and application design and the Thompson Hotels brand book design.

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