Putting a friendly face on security.



Tank’s longstanding engagement with Symantec has supported the global leader in cyber security through many phases, the most recent of which being focused on the evolution of its products to the cloud and the introduction of a powerful new advanced threat protection offering. For Tank this has meant developing a proprietary branded experience that instills confidence in its users and helping Symantec align its UI design system across product divisions.


In 2015 Symantec set in motion the launch of a revolutionary new product called Advanced Threat Protection Gateway. The first of its kind for the business, Gateway is designed to protect companies against targeted attacks by recognizing trends and leveraging Symantec’s unprecedented scope of global visibility. Symantec tapped Tank to augment its internal engineering team with the architecture, design, and development of a UI that would respond to the unique needs and behaviors of the frontline security user.

Tank redesigned the Messagelabs website, helping transition Messagelabs into the Symantec family. In addition, we also redesigned the identities and icons for the Messagelabs line of products. These products provided a range of managed security services to protect and control email, web, instant message communications and backup, and proved to be the perfect fit within the newly launched platform.

Design system alignment

To align the Gateway product with an internal initiative for consistency across all applications, Tank worked closely with the Symantec team to refresh the Gateway application with the updated aesthetic. This involved a holistic look at the new vernacular to realize how it impacted the wide range of Symantec products and, in turn, how to best incorporate the Gateway product into the family’s new look and feel.