Samuels & Associates

Fresh, modern and bold. An un-corporate identity for a property developer.

Samuels & Associates


More than just property developers, Samuels & Associates forges meaningful partnership with neighborhoods and clients. These relationships foster a sense of transparency that helps create authentic, innovative and sustainable place to live, work and play. Tank has partnered with Samuels & Associates since 2013, working on a wide range of ID, digital, collateral and environmental engagements for corporate, as well as new initiatives like Barry’s Corner, Fenway, Landmark, VanNess, Continuum, and more.


Samuels & Associates chose Tank to bring clarity to their brand, strategy, and in turn a sense of simplicity to their visual identity. A playful, kinetic ampersand anchors bold typography and creates a fresh, modern language for all of the storied development firm’s communication materials. This new visual language also captures the firm’s sophisticated, creative personality.

Content Managed Websites

Tank designed and developed a responsive, multi-site Drupal platform to host all Samuel’s & Associates sites allowing each property to express its unique design.

Other Samuels Projects

Tank’s engagement with Samuel’s & Associates has continued to grow and extends into identity work for the brand’s properties.

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