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The world is full of promising, untapped innovations. When it comes to developing and bringing these innovations to market however, today’s world is currently full of roadblocks. So when ieCrowd contacted Tank in search of an agency to bring their unique concept to the world—essentially, the democratization of innovation—we were immediately on board.


The ieCrowd platform paves a way for people, not just corporations, to affect which innovations get developed and brought to market. The concept integrates technology, social media and individual empowerment in a revolutionary way. Tank developed an identity that marries the warm, human aspect of crowd participation with the concept’s technological foundations.


After extensive working sessions with our client, we realized they had something genuinely unique and potentially world changing. The challenge was, how to get across the complexity of what they do in a clean, simple, intuitive manner.

After extensive research and exploration, we designed and developed a website that spoke to a widely defined target audience. In our testing, users emerged, not only clear about what ieCrowd does, but excited about the prospect.

As our relationship with ieCrowd evolved, one success bred another. And another. In this case, Tank was tapped to originate and develop branding for the innovations themselves:


Nuuma is a tiny nano-based sensor being designed to detect airborne gases — a sort of “digital nose” for mobile devices, with potential uses ranging from testing indoor/outdoor air quality to early disease detection to homeland security. Tank was brought to the table to develop the name, visual identity and product design of the device.


Kite is being designed to block mosquitoes from detecting and biting humans, with a goal of reducing human suffering from malaria, dengue, West Nile virus, and other mosquito-borne diseases. In addition to the website, Tank handled Public Relations for the new product and site launch with excellent results.

Tanksite IECrowd F1


Tank’s worldwide press campaign drove both awareness and traffic to the website. The widespread publicity led to the campaign exceeding the $75,000 funding target within four days. Within one week, the funding was at $136,096 and soon exceeded $300,000.

The Kite story was reported across 30 countries, including the US, UK, China, Canada, and many European and African news networks. Press momentum was maintained for over a week surrounding the date of launching the crowdfunding campaign, with 100 pieces of news coverage reaching a collective audience of more than 990 million people worldwide.

ieCrowd’s Chief Solutions Officer, Grey Frandsen was also interviewed by numerous US and global media outlets from BBC World News to the Pan-African news site Iroko.

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