Innovative designs for an innovative designer.


Tumi initially called upon Tank for a groundbreaking, collaborative campaign featuring their International Carry-On, the first-ever expandable zipper-less hardcase. They needed videos and materials as bold and dynamic as the new product itself to highlight the craftsmanship, strength, quality and flexibility of their product to frequent travelers in need of exactly that.

Dror Campaign

Tumi partnered with Tank for several engagements to help tell the story of their new products.  They needed a marketing program as forward-thinking as the collection itself. For each new product, they wanted videos that would visually demonstrate the strength and elegance of their designs. Videos would range from 60-second product stories to window display videos for retail stores.

We produced a series of three videos, one featuring an insanely busy traveler, bringing to life all the innovative features and qualities of the bag. There was also a product demo showcasing multiple uses of the bag visually and another video featuring the president of Tumi discussing the collection. The videos were produced for social media consumption and successfully introduced Tumi’s new collection to the public.



Tegra-Lite Campaign

Expandable, accessible and effortless: Tegra-Lite is the most durable and fully-functional hardcase made by Tumi. Tegra-Lite is constructed from a revolutionary polypropylene thermoplastic composite material for use in lifesaving armor, race cars and protective gear for football players. 

Tank created, produced and directed a promotional video campaign to convey the messaging to a broad, international audience. Designed and manufactured across multiple facilities in three countries, we followed the production journey of the collection around the globe, telling the story of its innovation and craftsmanship. 

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