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Cloze helps people manage relationships by unlocking what they call “relationship gold.” With its unique algorithm, Cloze allows users to capture and quantify the nature of their relationships across the many streams of content — quieting the noise and putting those that matter most up front.

Cloze needed a new brand and user interface design for their iPhone and iPad application and website — something that would convey the simplicity and benefits of Cloze to a wide ranging audience. They needed something that would highlight the importance of managing relationships and the simplicity of doing so with Cloze.


Tank created a new logo, branded typography, photography, language recommendations and guidelines that clearly define the contours of the brand narrative and its key principles, all of which focused on the idea of “People First” and empowering the end user.


Tank also designed the brand and user interface for the new Cloze iPhone & iPad applications. The Cloze app was honored at the MITX Innovation Awards with wins for Most Innovative Mobile App and the PwC Promise Award – a special honor which looks across all of the entrants for “start-up companies whose innovative technology solutions show promise to make a significant business impact.”


Executed across an entirely new user interface, Tank worked in parallel with Cloze engineers to quickly integrate new UI ideas. A corresponding promotional video highlighted the idea of empowerment and key features of the app, telling the brand story to the likes of the Wall Street Journal, TIME magazine, and NPR.

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