The Art of Beating Up Bad Guys

Let's beat up some bad guys... and go viral.

The Art of Beating Up Bad Guys takes a non-conventional, anti-PC approach to school bullying, and provides advice to middle school victims that they would never get from principals, scout leaders or probably their grandma. The animated concept features Mads Villanski, an anti-hero determined to take on the world’s bad guys by any means necessary. From hallway wedgies to lunch room beatings, Mads has seen it all—and with his crack team of allies, including Ninja Pat and Subway Mike, he’s ready to do whatever it takes to give bullies a severe ass-kicking.

Tank was involved on all fronts—design, public relations and social—to make sure the wisdom found on The Art of Beating Up Bad Guys would go viral and to ensure that no one will ever find themselves on the wrong side of a fat, hairy fist again.

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