Telling the right story for both students and parents.



Winterline is a global, skills-based education program, offering year-long, semester and summer programs for young adults with adventurous spirits. Experiences are specially designed to introduce students to new parts of the world and expand their knowledge of global cultures, issues and contexts while teaching real-world life skills.


We worked closely with Winterline to develop a brand voice and tone to strategically fit three goals:

  1. Position Winterline as a contemporary and innovative brand.
  2. Communicate a sense of adventure and curiosity for new experiences.
  3. Express Winterline as a confident and well-trusted organization. Combining clean and contemporary typography against a bold, academic shield, the identity establishes an iconic brand for the organization as whole, while clearly differentiating specific programs and offerings. 

Collateral and Content Creation

Based on discovery insights, we came to understand the unique needs of Winterline’s two core audiences: students and their parents. While students seek adventure and unique life experiences, their parents need to be assured of safety, structure and value for cost. Utilizing these learnings and leveraging the updated brand positioning, Tank developed messaging, admissions materials and environmental graphics that excite students while reassuring parents.


Tank’s UX, design and development teams collaborated to deliver a deep, content-rich experience. We designed a site that leads with the engaging narrative of Winterline’s diverse programs, conveying the possibility for once-in-a-lifetime experiences in safe, trusted environments across the world. Using a WordPress framework, we custom-built an entirely modular site structure, enabling the Winterline team to mix and match components for ultimate flexibility when adding new content or new pages. 

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