Making simple simpler.


FedEx delivers to more than 220 countries and territories around the globe serving businesses of all sizes as well as consumers. For over 15 years, Tank has delivered innovative online solutions for complex shipping and printing transactions. We have written, designed and developed emails reaching millions of customers every year. Our team has architected and designed integrated marketing campaigns to drive growth across business units. The market has changed and we have evolved together as collaborators and brand champions.

Application Design

For over a decade Tank has been designing, enhancing and rethinking a number of FedEx applications including shipping, tracking, rating and more. For this project the challenge was to create a simple, global, responsive shipping tool. Together with FedEx and their research firm, we created user flows, wireframes, detailed designs and a working application prototype that was run through 9 iterative rounds of usability testing with customers in preparation for launch.

In the end, our work on the FedEx shipping application lead to a successful launch that included increased conversions and revenue globally, rising up to 24% in some regions.


FedEx sends hundreds of millions of emails each year. Emails are created by multiple vendors, contain a variety of content types and are sent to recipients on a vast array of devices. We created a modular, responsive email system for FedEx that allows for multiple content and messaging types to be delivered consistently and on-brand to users across devices and screen sizes.

The email system has shown an up to 5x increase in conversion of promotional offers in A/B testing and has been successfully and consistently adopted across multiple partner agencies and content creators. Recipients the world over now receiving beautiful, effective email communications from FedEx.

Collateral and Campaigns

Increase shipping to Japan and India. Leverage the FedEx sports sponsorship properties to drive incremental shipping. Challenge accepted. Beautifully designed print and online campaign elements were created for targeted customers with targeted goals.

Responsive Website

The transition to a responsive design system for a brand like FedEx, with a vast online ecosystem, can be complex. We designed a modular responsive system that allows FedEx and partner agencies to create on brand responsive sites, quickly and efficiently. This enables FedEx to deliver relevant content to all users across browsers and device types.

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