Copper Cane

Seven websites for a thriving Napa Valley institution.

Copper Cane


Owned and operated by Joseph Wagner, Copper Cane Wines & Provisions is based in Napa Valley and houses a collection of brands. Copper Cane is also home to Avrae, a premium line of cigars and Mia Marcelle, a luxurious swimwear collection designed by Amber Wagner and made in the USA.

According to Copper Cane, Tank was tapped for “attitude, responsiveness and great work” to create five distinct and compelling sites that would elevate the rich history of the people behind this Napa Valley company.

Tank’s UX, design and development teams collaborated closely to rethink and redesign Copper Cane’s portfolio of sites, starting with the Meiomi site. The site established a common structure by implementing a multisite content management system across the remaining sites while uniquely reflecting the individual brands. Subsequently, Copper Cane asked Tank to design the Avrae and Mia Marcelle websites in addition to the wine brands.

Beran pays tribute to the tradition of California Zinfandel growers — rugged farmers that go back generations in their communities. Copper Cane wanted to translate their grit through the look and feel of the website as a nod to the bold, beastly taste of the Zinfandel.

Carne Humana

Before Napa, and even before California was a state, the Napa region was called Carne Humana. The site pays tribute to the area’s history, including historical photos of the area and generations of farmers who worked the region.


Elouan is Copper Cane’s take on a a rich, complex Pinot Noir. The website brings into play a dark, noir-like tonality to reflect the personality of the varietal.

Belle Glos

As Copper Cane’s first wine, this site pays tribute to Lorna Belle Glos, a genuine lover of Pinot and owner Joseph Wagner’s grandmother. The site was designed to have a vintage feel with its sepia tones, and a sense of elegance in honor of Copper Cane’s most expensive wine.


“I have been impressed with Tank’s professionalism from the very beginning, “ said Art Ochoa, Copper Cane’s IT Director. “They have all pertinent staff needed to develop these sites in-house, giving them a much quicker and smoother deployment process. Each new website we have deployed has been seamless and I attribute this to their ability to eliminate all of the gremlins before each site goes live.”

Tank successfully launched sites for Beran, Carne Humana, Elouan and Belle Glos. The sites were built on a WordPress Multisite platform, and include video functionality, shopping-cart integration, SVG interactions and Grappos retail locator. Sites are in progress for Copper Cane’s cigar brand, Avrae and swimwear line, Mia Marcelle.


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