Decoding digital marketing

Today’s landscape provides more opportunities than ever to engage your audience. As such, your audiences have developed industrial-strength filters to weed out communications that don’t directly relate to them. Enter Tank Digital Marketing.

Tank offers a broad array of digital marketing services for our clients. While we pull from our experience across all of our clients, we believe different products, services, markets and customers require a tailored approach to achieve success. To that end, we offer services across the following areas:

  • Turnkey eCommerce P&L Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Social Media Strategy & Management
  • Paid Search
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Acquisition Email
  • Email Marketing & Management
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Display Advertising

Turnkey eCommerce P&L Management

For many of our clients, eCommerce marketing is not a core competency. Tank offers a complete solution that includes managing the marketing budget, management of digital marketing programs and reporting on the channel’s profitability.

Our goal is design a comprehensive service offering that meets our clients’ individual needs.

Lead Generation

Tank develops inbound and outbound lead generation programs that develop a sales pipeline for our clients. We use a variety of digital marketing tactics with the goal of finding, developing and qualifying potential leads.

We begin any lead generation program with defining the personas for our clients and the customizing a program based on budget, market size and costs. Oftentimes we lead the creation of landing pages or eCommerce paths to ensure best practices are followed to optimize conversion and efficient media spend.

We define success of any lead generation by the metrics provided by our clients, whether that is cost-per-lead, cost-per-acquisition or other engagement criteria.

Social Media Strategy & Management

At Tank, Social Media is a fundamental part of how we activate your brand strategy across digital channels. Our goal is simple: deliver high quality brand experiences, while providing a tremendous impact to your business.

Our team of social curators, PR experts and engagement managers takes a dynamic approach to social engagement, beginning with understanding the behavior and triggers of your target audience. We leverage personas to help us develop content that supports the brand and the campaign goals.

Through social listening we constantly mine for data that help drive conversations and measure social sentiment of your brand’s products and services before and after making large strategic changes. We are able to identify trends that align with your brand and react to them with timely content.

As with all of our other digital marketing offerings, we establish KPIs and track the ROI and impact of our activities.

Social Media program offerings:

  • Strategy
  • Turnkey management
  • Audience analysis
  • Content Development
  • Publisher/Blogger Recruitment
  • Paid Social
  • Analytics & Optimization

Paid Search

Tank takes a unique, end-to-end approach in our Paid Search programs. We take care of everything from keyword research and recommendations to search ad copy to optimization of landing pages and call center scripting. We believe that the best Paid Search programs take holistic views of the entire funnel to ensure the best return on ad spend.

On a monthly basis Tank will work with your team to establish budgets based on revenue and/or customer goals. Those goals are then tracked in our bid management system to ensure efficient spending throughout the month.

Paid Search program offerings:

  • Keyword research & analysis
  • Ad copy writing & testing
  • Mapping of keywords to appropriate areas within your website
  • Bid management
  • P&L Reporting
  • Analytics & Optimization
  • Shopping Feed Integration

Paid Social

Tank uses their unique, analytical approach to Paid Social to bring the best results. The customer journey does not begin nor end in the SERP. Tank views Paid Social as a complement to PPC, Display and SEO. It helps expose the brand outside of the SERP.

Each month Tank will work with the Brand tounify messaging and develop a calendar for sponsored postings. The goals of Paid Social are in line with PPC and Display, and will be measure as such.

Paid Social program offerings:

  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Retargeting
  • Look-A-Like Audience Creation
  • Demographic Prospecting
  • Performance Reporting
  • Analytics & Optimization


Ranking within the organic results for search engines such as Google requires keyword level management with the same due diligence as Paid Search.

Tank takes a mathematical approach to SEO. We gather many pieces of disparate data to understand the opportunities and the competitive threats for our clients’ rankings.

Tank’s on-site SEO program will map keywords to appropriate content within the site. These content pages will then be tracked and optimized to create incremental organic volume for these keywords.

Tank provides our clients with monthly ranking reports that provide traffic analysis and track organic revenue. These reports demonstrate the ranking of your company’s website in monitored search engines, as well as business results for the program.

SEO program offerings:

  • On-site strategy & optimization recommendations
  • Keyword research & analysis
  • Mapping of keywords to appropriate content within your website
  • Copywriting for appropriate content
  • Directory management
  • Analytics

Content Marketing

Tank believes Content Marketing is essential for a successful SEO program. Content Marketing can also function as a stand-alone campaign to increase brand awareness and drive revenue. Tank manages the strategy, the production and the sourcing of content whether it is graphics, video, audio or copy.

Through Content Marketing strategies we develop and manage channels of distribution for syndicating and promoting the content through Distribution Networks, Sponsorship, Social Media, Blogger Outreach and Email.

By using DoubleClick by Google to track all touch points, we are able to track leads and sales to analyze and to understand what content drives revenue generation.

  • Strategy
  • Content creation
  • Partner/Blogger Recruitment
  • Lead & Revenue Analysis
  • Analytics & Reporting

Acquisition Email

While certainly not for every brand and product, Acquisition Email provides a great way to reach potential customers for many of our clients. Tank has access to 150 opt-in email lists that provide robust targeting to recipients with a proven track record of open and response rates.

Our team can customize lists with hand-picked publications from multiple verticals including shopping, business, travel, tech, home, health, parenting, education and luxury.

We work with our clients to get approval on subject lines, content and creative, along with the partners who are renting their lists. Lastly, we can remove your list of unsubscribed recipients to ensure compliance with email marketing standards.

Acquisition Email program offerings:

  • Strategy
  • List Customization
  • Segmentation
  • Unsubscribes & Compliance
  • A/B Testing
  • Email Creative
  • Purchasing/Response Behavior
  • Analytics & Reporting

Email Marketing & Management

With Tank’s email capabilities, our clients are able to establish a cohesive email strategy that incorporates the latest email practices.

Our email capabilities range from the strategic planning and analysis to messaging and email creative to full email marketing campaign execution, including HTML coding.

Email program offerings:

  • Strategy
  • List & Template setup
  • Segmentation
  • List Management
  • A/B Testing
  • Email Templates
  • Purchasing/Response Behavior
  • Analytics & Reporting

Affiliate Marketing

The best performing Affiliate Marketing programs continually cycle in and out partners each month. Even the best affiliates lose efficiency over time, so it is important to continually monitor the performance of each program and individual affiliates to negotiate price, negotiate returns/refunds and eliminate specific partners when necessary.

Tank takes care of all onboarding and setup of new Affiliates. New affiliates will be reviewed and approved with your team.

All new affiliate programs have to earn budget. Our philosophy is to start small and scale small to ensure we are getting the best available CPA for our clients.

Affiliate Marketing program offerings:

  • Strategy
  • Affiliate Recruitment
  • Audience Data & Profiles
  • Creative/Offer Testing & Optimization
  • Purchasing/Response Behavior
  • Analytics & Reporting

Display Advertising

Display advertising has evolved a lot over the past five years, with an increased ability to target users in new, improved ways:

  • Behavioral
  • Contextual
  • Vertical/Category
  • Demographic
  • Audience & Look-a-Like
  • Social
  • Remarketing

For many clients, the days of placing a banner ad on a particular site are no longer. Instead of targeting sites, Tank builds look-a-like models that target populations with similar characteristics to your website visitors.

We start by placing a piece of code on your website that helps us gather ~300 attributes about your site visitors, including gender, income and sites visited before visiting your site and after leaving your site. This look-a-like model updates in real-time as you add new products & services and develop new markets.

Display Advertising program offerings:

  • Audience Measurement
  • Look-a-Like Modeling
  • Audience Data & Profiles
  • Creative/Offer Testing & Optimization
  • Purchasing/Response Behavior
  • Analytics & Reporting