What a time to be alive.
Technology continues to evolve at breakneck speed. Industry leaders and start-ups alike scramble to understand how to harness new tech to make it rain (increase profitability) for them and make experiences awesome for users. Here are six ways we see the entertainment industry lighting it up in 2019.

Mobile video formats change it up.

With Instagram and other major players all experimenting and users having more free time to absorb content on their mobile devices (you have to do something while your car drives itself and your fridge orders your groceries), vertical video will be taken for a true test run. Check out the square format flashbacks in Amazon’s Homecoming.

Data will work harder for you.

Your new subscription services are learning more and more about your viewing and buying habits. Big data will lead to smarter and more relevant recommendations and subscription models.

Multi-screen experiences.

The surface has barely been tickled, let alone scratched for multi-screen experiences. The proliferation of AR/VR and more seamless connection between your smart TV and your other devices will allow you to bounce back and forth like never before.

Content will be awesome.

Hollywood studios, video on demand services, YouTube stars, recording artists are all trying to figure this stuff out. They’re going to try really hard to blow your mind in 2019. Sit back and enjoy the dynamic, multi-faceted, highly personal ride.

Viewers jump in the driving seat.

Technology and really creative writing will let users choose the fate of the characters they’re watching. Check out Netflix’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

Better quality everywhere.

The first 8k TV broadcast launched in Japan towards the end of 2018. The proliferation of 5G cellular networks will mean you’ll have better access to higher quality content wherever you are.

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