Where am I?

Where am I going?



Don’t panic!

Resist the illusion of time,

and keep your perspective.

Trends come and go.

We all struggle to stay relevant alongside them.

We worry!


the mechanics,

the metrics,

the ROI,

And we can become distracted by form.

Form is important.

Take, for instance, where entertainment and access collide.

The rapid change - and experiments with form.





Don’t get overly attached.

Stay flexible.

Pivot, while keeping your footing.

Orange is the new black and Netflix is the new production studio.

Orange is the New Black wink

Don’t be just video

Be drama!

Don’t be just oil

Be energy!

Don’t be just a phone

Be connection!

Don’t be just a car

Be mobility!

Our ideas need to take shapes.

But what is the timeless and formless essence of that idea?

What is connecting viscerally with your audiences?

Pivot from there.

Keep your perspective,

stay true to your core,

and you won't be left behind.