Social Media Strategy & Management

At Tank, Social Media is a fundamental part of how we activate your brand strategy across digital channels. Our goal is simple: deliver high quality brand experiences, while providing a tremendous impact to your business.

Social Media Strategy & Management

Social Media Strategy & Management

Our team of social curators and PR experts takes a dynamic approach to social engagement, beginning with understanding the behaviors and triggers of your target audience. We leverage personas to help us develop content that supports the brand and the campaign goals.

Through social listening, we mine for data that helps drive online conversations. By identifying trends in your brand’s space, we craft timely and relevant content, positioning your brand to participate and grow into a thought leader. We measure the social sentiment of your brand’s products and services before and after making large strategic changes to understand the impact of social efforts.

As with all of our other digital marketing offerings, we establish KPIs and track the ROI and impact of our activities.

Paid Social

We take a unique, analytical approach to Paid Social to generate the best results. We believe that the customer journey does not begin or end on a search engine results page (SERP). Tank views Paid Social as a complement to PPC, Display and SEO, helping to expose the brand outside of the SERP.

In a typical paid social engagement, Tank works with our clients on a monthly basis to unify messaging and develop a calendar for sponsored postings to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The goals of Paid Social are in line with PPC and Display, and will be measured as such.

Our arsenal
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Turnkey Management of Social Platforms
  • Look-a-like Audience Creation and Audience Analysis
  • Demographic Prospecting
  • Content Development
  • Retargeting
  • Publisher / Blogger Outreach
  • Paid Social
  • Analytics & Optimization
  • Performance Reporting