SEO & Content Marketing

We build SEO strategies grounded in understanding what your users are looking for and being relevant when it matters.

SEO & Content Marketing

SEO Strategy

Ranking within the organic results for search engines such as Google requires keyword level management with the same due diligence as Paid Search.

Tank takes a mathematical approach to SEO. We gather many pieces of disparate data to understand the opportunities and the competitive threats for our clients’ rankings.

Tank’s approach to on-site SEO is multifaceted. We start by understanding your company’s goals, obligations and restrictions; defining audiences and their needs; and auditing the current state of your website. We document the site’s current visibility in organic search and the broader opportunity in the search space to understand what topics and terms your audience is searching for and how your brand meets these needs currently.

We’ve found that it’s often helpful to look at the broader context as well. By investigating the work of other websites “playing” in the same space, we understand trends in the landscape, what types of experiences drive success and who is vying for top rankings on the same terms.

The insights gained from this research are used to inform a site solution that organizes content in a way that naturally incorporates SEO insights: providing content that we know users are looking for, utilizing language that is familiar to them, and structurally building the site in a way that allows search engines to efficiently crawl and index the content. Incorporating search insights into a website strategy through all these touchpoints establishes a strong foundation for the site to perform in organic search.

Tank provides our clients with monthly ranking reports that provide traffic analysis and track organic revenue. These reports demonstrate the ranking of your company’s website in monitored search engines, as well as business results for the program.

Content Marketing

Tank believes Content Marketing is essential for a successful SEO program. Content Marketing can also function as a stand-alone campaign to increase brand awareness and drive revenue. Tank manages the strategy, the production and the sourcing of content whether it is graphics, video, audio or copy.

Through Content Marketing strategies we develop and manage channels of distribution for syndicating and promoting the content through Distribution Networks, Sponsorship, Social Media, Blogger Outreach and Email.


Our arsenal
  • On-site Strategy & Optimization Recommendations
  • Keyword Research & Analytics
  • Keyword Mapping
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Content Creation and Copywriting
  • Partner / Blogger Recruitment
  • Lead & Revenue Analysis